Patrick Leclerc
2 min readOct 28, 2021


Victory has to be

Over our minds and it’s limitless capability

Controlling our thoughts

Reality without doubting or casting lots

But by visions

Created in elaborate constructions

Of concentrated energy

In matter weighted carefully



There is a space

A resilience

A world in silence

Above science

Where intuition

Satisfy our ambition

There is no boundary

It’s all the contrary

The universe as a voice

Genius and peace makers


Have come and gone

Each with their own

Unique vibrations

It should be our aim

To rewrite them together

Into a symphony made for our victory

I am the least amongst you

Yet, I am here to tell, who

The passionate, the healers

The simple

The humble

The powerful

The eternal

The skeptical

The believer

The beautiful and pure

All of humanity

Of its ability

Of the how to play this soft

Delicate music of energy

Of peace love and unity

Pick up your resonance


Transform and reform

We have the capability

Pick up your joy, your compassion

Your guitars, your passions

Let’s pray this symphony

Remember to love like honey

It’s starts with our thoughts

Our mastery, over our souls not to be bought

Paradise is not a illusion

But the only way forward, to glory

And His impending Victory

Pat Leclerc

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