Tooth in Sincerity

Patrick Leclerc
1 min readJan 1, 2022


What is the truth ?

The truth is in your roots

In a life happening at this moment

Conceived of small segments

Flashes of lights

Appreciating nature’s right

Renewing your sense of wonder

Looking forward to ponder

What’s the truth

Do you really need proof

Or would you prefer

Living life, like it matters

Tomorrow’s gone

The wind has blown

Old age will set on

The illusion will proclaim

The dream, the oration

Of this spoken dimension

In theory, only fantasy

Fabulous mountains

Immense emotional rains

Like tears of joy

Carrying messages

Of fraternity

Of unity

Of acceptance

Of true resonance



Life’s simplicity

In all its beauty

Away from commotion

Bad news and their intentions

Refresh, de-stress

Relax take a deep breath

Admire the plan, it’s ambition

Nature and His passion

It’s all there, now

Waiting for you

Needing all your attention

Open your eyes, heart

In this symphony play your part

Celebrate, admire the simple truth

The Universe holds you,

Remembering you’re the smile

of your youth ..

Pat Leclerc