Rivers of Hope

Patrick Leclerc
1 min readMar 16, 2021


Rivers flow

Never follow

Soft, rough


Even tough


Do You know

Where the river goes

Deepest thoughts

Drift away

We ought

To show



Strong current

Coming our way

Humanity might be

On life’s preserver

Divisions and hate

Is not for me

Heal with a gentle blow

Ripples like vibrations

Shimmers intuitions

Flowing down rivers

Life’s obstacles

Yesterdays, oracles

Tomorrows, miracles

Waterfalls, tears of joy

Carrying hopes

Visions of happiness

Much kindness

Angels inspiration

Colors imagination

Of a future

Bright and pure

Help one another

Love is greater

Nothing else matters

Leading to the ocean

Hearts of giants



Rain water

Nourishing our conscience

Proved by science

Thoughts of stillness

Immense calmness

Help one another

Effervescent vapors

Clouds of grandeur

Love one another

Bliss enlighten

Our world

Our universe

Like the river

Soft gentleness

Imagine such greatness

I pray to see

The day everyone’s happy

Art, music and poetry

Flowing in unison

Healing our nations

Dreams of Eden

Where rivers

Meet in the garden

Paradise is simple you see

Love and compassion

Naturally .. Flowing into the sea

Honestly and Free