Patrick Leclerc
2 min readJan 30, 2021

There is the need, within me

To write, to tell you, about He

Beautiful, majestic, humble

Strong, powerful, I stumble

In His wake, I am left in awe

By his faithfulness, ah

Deliverance, comfort

In satisfying the urge

To share, with you, my soul

The world needs more love

More, forgiveness

More, politeness

Maybe we could just for a instant

Go back imagining our infants

Sparkling minds awaken to beauty

Unaware of our folly

Innocent, pure, with the only goal

To discover, take a new look

Reopen the magical book

Of colors, smells and wonders

Of persistence in all mothers

His creation dreamed

In perpetuation of streams

Soft rivers of lights

Majestical swimming universe

Like words in a poetic verse

Touching, curing, the one’s, crying

Enveloping, caressing the observing

Can I tell you, what’s inside of me

The secret, behooved to me

He loves you, She lives, in you

Listen as you read

Breathe as He pleads

Slow down, find calm

Place your hands, in His palm

Rest, admire the simplicity

Of all this beauty

Enjoy and applaud

Remember to look beyond

To say thank you

Simply, appreciate the sun

Laugh in the rain

Transform your reality

To match His glory

Don’t take life for granted



This amazing.. magical journey