Magna Carta

Patrick Leclerc
1 min readMay 28, 2021


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Magna Carta my love

Freedom inspired from above

Equality, the end of tyranny

The beginning of free justice

The end of prejudice

Our history will talk

One day of our glory

Our win over narcissism

Our lust over egocentrism

The story being rendered

The beauty made us wonder

The human story

In all our profanity

Will develop

Must envelop

Our souls of honey

Our hearts of energy

Pure, loving

Soft, unassuming

Breath of conscience

Whisper of obedience

Magna Carta my love

Sweet sweet hovering dove

Take hold

Stay bold

There is a answer

On the earth Lucifer

In the sky our Father

Align our thoughts

A truthful plot

To reign by the law

Of His love without flaws

For this new century

Let’s not repeat the fury

Substitute hate repression and aggression

By implementing the utopia

Of paradise and it’s nostalgia

Love respect and protect

The people in our human family

Guaranteed of a future by unity

Follow me

Love, embrace, do good

Smile with patience

Live, a life in splendor

Knowing, Our Father is King and protector

Be calm, humbled

Be kind, tenacious, and lawful

For WE the people

My love is for Magna Carta ..

Pat Leclerc