Patrick Leclerc
1 min readOct 9, 2020


Photo by Skitterphoto
Photo by Skitterphoto

What are we looking for in a leader ?

Strength, wisdom, charisma

Truth, to make us cheerful

Intelligence, guidance, no enigma

Humbled, to be powerful

Lifting souls, with a sense of wonder

The kind of characteristics

Keeping amen, within the critics

No boss, a dignified commander

Someone looking up at the ladder

With good intentions

No moral aggressions

Sturdy, yet, soft and adaptable.

Kind and really knowledgeable

Respectful of genders

Transparency renders

Would be more, than acceptable


Not dividing

In this twenty-first century

Peace given for glory

Love, acceptance, not hate

Pass through the gate

Encouragement for individuality

Hands in hands, total unity

Problematic, symptomatic

For the searching egocentric

There is power in wisdom

In chanting our anthems

While smiling at the neighbors

Appreciating many facets and colors

Transgress don’t oppress

Our minds to its fullest

Laughing, enjoying, the praise of the sun

Admiring their awareness, should be fun

Listen with your hearts

Let’s play our parts

This utopia, the garden

The river flow, to Eden

Together, we live, apply, the dream

Swim, breath, against the stream

Elevated by knowledge

Helped by kindness

Walking away from the ledge

To the center of humanity

Reaching our own purity

Free of darkness contaminants

At last.. sunshine on all continents