Imagine Compass Ion

Patrick Leclerc
2 min readAug 6, 2021


Imagine a world where loving

Is seen as a weakness

Imagine being tired of fighting

Your hearts filled with kindness

Open up to the possibilities

Step out of normalities

Where hate and prejudice

Are no longer free in justice

Imagine a world where saying please

Is seen as a disease

Your hearts, aching for peace

Open up, to the immense

Strength, accessible to your senses

Reach up

Light up

Imagine not being able to dream

Flourish, learn and scream

Saying I love you

Not met, with thank you

Images of aging

Without fears of listening

To children’s future

Looking at the destructions of nature

A world of green and colors

Communication without lectures

Imagine seeing in the dark

Opening your eyes to embark

In a adventure

Of feelings soft and pure

Disbelieve of the relief

In the caressing breeze

Listening in the murmur

Of mother nature

Doubts evaporating

Conversation of giants everlasting

Under the canopy of leaves

In the shade of grief

Would they be relieved

To see our understanding

In the laws governing

The Universe

Multi verses

Imagine a world where loving

Would come naturally

Where the weakness of hate

Would be seen accordingly

Your hearts filled of happiness

In this imagined reality

Dreamed into existence

Without the rationality of science

Imagine spirituality

Without religion’s stupidity

Whispered of Eternity

Compassion, love and respect

Will prevailed eventually

Just listen

..And imagine

Pat Leclerc