Patrick Leclerc
2 min readJan 30, 2021

I am preempting

I do not pretend to be a scholar

I do not pretend to be a star

I write with my heart

I cry, with my art

My body broken

My soul awaken

I express my surprise

I admire the sunrise

I tell the story of a human journey

Thrifty, loving, at times happy

Upset by humanity and it’s idiocy

Praying.. for peace and harmony

Imploring.. for the end of tyranny

Asking, for fairness in diplomacy

Could we all live in harmony

Stop, all these monstrous atrocities

Greed is sad

Hate is bad

The earth is a vessel

Our hearts wrestle

Between good and evil

Distorting beauty in people

Differences sorted and disliked

Appreciating life, is all right

Only to those who can separate

Darkness from the light

In His name, be humble

It’s ok to stumble

Lift your head up, high

Look out and admire

This beautiful creation

Nature and it’s ambition

See the nectar of flowers

The birds and their colors

The enticing smells

The light in those who are blind

The beating heart in those you dislike

Feel the wind, hear the rain

Take away their pain

Be brave, sing praise

I do not pretend to be a scholar

I just love my fellows and our Father

I live my journey, trying to enlighten

In our times, the sky, as been darkened



Look up, feel the love, be blessed

Please, dance, sing and pray

.. and, Have a magical day