Dreamed reality

Patrick Leclerc
2 min readJul 15, 2021


Photo by Nadi Lindsay on Pexels.com

If I offered you peace

Would you receive it with ease

Carry on, in the face

Of all our disgrace

If I offered you Love

Could you embrace it

If it came from above

Support it, elevate it to mountain top

Scream it, everywhere in every clock

If I offered you faith, for free

Would you take it, from me

This reality imagined, lived and dreamed

Only gets better when trust is esteemed

Love, to be loved

Be beautiful, to see beauty

Choose carefully what enters your mind

The light in your eyes

Can’t make you blind

Darkness, could be, your demise

Money with blasphemy

Could destroy your divine entity

Humbleness with empathy

Could form you, peacefully

Are we part of the same family ?

Or ego’s and individuality

If I offered you a dream

Would you wake up to redeem

This reality and your power

To shape and perceive this, Our

Into a brighter enlightened unity

A better world of human destiny

There is no need to wait

No reason, no force, without faith

Reality, stars and energy

Are defined, by your conscience purity

Form and shape your hearts

Your thoughts with magical art

It’s there, it was already given

Their is no need for me to riven

Our bestial instincts

In our conscience, peace

Hate is very distinct

Choose wisely

Love abundantly

You can be, who ever, you want to be

Dream your reality

Open your eyes to see

It’s all here, now, for you and me

I love you, i hope your soul can see..

Pat Leclerc